Vein Treatments

Varicose veins are often recognized by their unsightly appearance, but they can also be recognized by the symptoms that patients experience in their legs.

If you have noticed any of the following symptoms affecting your legs, call 320-257-8346 to schedule an appointment with one of our Advanced Practice Providers, or click “Request a Consultation” below. Our clinical expertise along with diagnostic tools such as ultrasound may be used to guide your treatment. We will evaluate your veins and suggest the best treatment options for you.

visible misshapen veins
aching pain


difficulty standing
restless legs
leg ulcers

Don’t wait to treat your varicose or spider veins. We have heard patients tell us countless times: “If only I knew it would be this simple/painless/ effective, I would have had my veins treated years ago!”

All vein treatments in our Vein Center are provided on-site by providers and doctors with Regional Diagnostic Radiology.

Varicose Veins Spider Veins Procedures Before & After