VenClose™ – A New RF System

VenClose™ – A New RF System

The great medical technology companies of our time start and develop in a variety of ways. Some start with a product or idea and build a market around it. Some start as spinoffs from existing successful companies. But VenClose™ started by determining the unmet needs of physicians treating venous disorders, and they developed a product adapting proven technology that is more attuned to the needs of physicians using a RF product that hadn’t changed in years. VenClose™ consultants learned from physicians across the country that while many preferred the RF solution to laser therapies, they needed it to be faster, more economical, easier to navigate in the veins, easier to set up and with more responsive customer service.

So, with the needs of the marketplace as their mandate, VenClose™ set out to build the next-generation endovenous RF ablation system designed to close the damaged vein and restore healthy blood flow in patients with venous reflux disease.


The VenClose™ RF (Radio Frequency) Systems newly designed technologies are what makes the VenClose™ System a next -generation product.

Four main functionalities that clearly separate them from their competition:

1) They have a switchable heating length built into a single catheter. So, physicians can treat different size vein segments by switching back and forth with the generator’s touchscreen.

2) The VenClose™ RF product is smaller, which makes it easier to use.

3) It has a slightly curved tip that allows easier navigation through torturous veins.

4) It is a much easier system to set up than competing systems.

Our physicians want and need multiple tools in their toolkit when treating chronic venous insufficiency because every patient condition is unique.

“I think the biggest thing for me has been patient referrals – they’ve just skyrocketed! And the reason they’ve skyrocketed is because it works, it works beautifully. There is no down time for the patient. They can go to the gym when they leave my office.” Richard Gitter, MD, a successful cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon for 14 years, The Gitter Vein Institute, New Orleans, LA.


By Larry Storer, 3/28/19