Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands age faster than other parts of our bodies resulting in uneven pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity, tissue volume loss and more noticeable veins. This can make an individual uncomfortable with the appearance of their hands, possibly making them look older than they are. The Vein Center offers a variety of Hand Rejuvenation procedures tailored to your specific concerns.

Bulging Veins

Bulging Veins may appear as a sign of aging in the hands. The Vein Center offers a procedure (sclerotherapy) that safely closes these veins, turning back the clock to a more youthful appearance. The procedure, performed by our medically trained providers,  may last 30-60 minutes. You may experience mild bruising. The results from this procedure are permanent and also do eliminate veins typically used for IV access in the hand.

Age Spots

Years of sun exposure can lead to age spots, or uneven pigmentation of the back of the hand, as well as saggy or crepey skin. Adding Broad Band Light (BBL) treatment with The Vein Center’s Sciton® Laser, utilized by our medically trained staff, can effectively diminish the appearance of these signs of aging. This procedure typically takes 30-60 minutes. You may feel slight warmth or mild discomfort during treatment, which is normal. At least 3 treatments are recommended, with a minimum of 4 weeks between treatments. The number of treatments can vary depending on the needs of your skin and desired results.

Tissue Loss

As we age, we lose fat beneath the skin of our hands creating hollow areas, which can make veins and bony prominences more noticeable. Our medically licensed staff can add volume with dermal fillers such as Radiesse® to bring back a smooth, supple contour to the hands. This procedure may last 30-60 minutes. You may experience mild swelling and bruising following the procedure, which is normal. The results may last 1-2 years.

Our team can meet with you to discuss your concerns and treatment goals. Individuals may complete one, two or all three Hand Rejuvenation procedures to achieve desired results. Package prices are available. Contact us today to schedule your Free Consultation for your customized Hand Rejuvenation treatment plan. 

Before and After Photos


BBL (Broad Band Light)

2 treatment sessions, 3 months post treatment

1 treatment session, 1 month post treatment

Radiesse® Dermal Filler



Images courtesy of actual Vein Center & MedSpa patients, Asclera®,  Sciton® and Merz Aesthetics®