Who’s the best candidate for a Halo Treatments?

Halo has been proven very effective on patients with sun-damaged skin that needs combination improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, texture, scarring (including acne scars), enlarged pores and brown spot improvement.

Halo treatments can be performed on the face; although sometimes a deeper treatment is performed on a specific area, such as around the eyes, around the mouth, or the cheeks. Halo can also be performed on the chest, hands, or neck. Halo treatments are a simple in-office treatment that lasts about 90 minutes. Some redness and swelling in the treatment area is normal and expected for about two to three days, but most people can wear makeup during this time. Expect to see initial results as soon as two to five days after treatment; your skin will continue to improve over time.

According to realself.com, an unbiased discussion site for treatments, Halo has an 89% “worth it” rating.

Based on this information, it seems that Halo is a win-win for both patients who want an observable improvement in their skin with minimal downtime, and for providers who desire a safe, effective and transformative treatment for skin rejuvenation. To discover Halo and reclaim your inner glow, make an appointment for a free consultation with Avita, our advanced practice esthetician/laser technician, today or go to www.halobysciton.com to learn more about Halo.


Consultation: Avita will review your concerns and explain how Halo can address them.

Treatment Plan: Avita will formulate a personalized action plan which may include skincare products and possible treatment series for the best results

Procedure: Avita will provide numbing agents to help with the mild discomfort experienced during the treatment. You will wear safety goggles to protect your eyes during the treatment. The treatment area is measured with motion tracking technology to ensure that the area is treated effectively. She will treat each measured section by rolling the handpiece over the skin until the system determines the correct energy has been delivered. Most people describe the treatment as warm with a prickling sensation but tolerable.

After treatment: The treatment area will feel warm for about 30 minutes after the treatment. The treatment area will be red and there may be swelling for the first couple of days. It is very important to follow your post-treatment instructions and avoid the sun during the healing period; you will be able to use make-up and go about your normal activities. After two-four days, you will notice a “bronzing” appearance to your skin, which will eventually slough off on day three or four following treatment.

Enjoy your glowing rejuvenated skin!


Source: New You, by Janette Daher. For more information click here.