There’s a reason it’s called Forever Young!

The time of year is fast approaching when weddings, graduations, and class reunions seem to be scheduled nearly every weekend. If you’re excited at the thought of catching up with family and friends but are worried that you might not look as fresh and bright as you used to, fear not!

Forever Young BBL™ by Sciton® is a revolutionary treatment that sends light energy deep into the skin to boost the body’s natural ability to fight aging. Unlike other rejuvenating laser and light-based treatments, Forever Young BBL™ stops and prevents further skin aging down to the gene level, according to a 10-year Stanford University clinical study.

Forever Young BBL™ can treat age spots, sun damage, redness, spider veins, and fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin firmness, elasticity and tone with no down time. While the treatment is not painful, some would say it’s mildly annoying, not unlike a light rubber band snap! No anesthetic is needed and almost everyone is a candidate, as the technology is customizable for all skin types. With as few as two treatments per year your skin can look brighter, smoother and much younger.

Forever Young BBL™ isn’t just a beauty treatment. It’s a preventative regimen, possibly the best investment anyone can make in their skin. The best time to think about the effects of aging is before they appear. Since Forever Young BBL™ treatments stop the skin’s appearance of aging, why wait?!

By Avita Regan, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Laser Technician