The staff at The Vein Center were very nice.  The results of my surgery exceeded my expectations. Thank You Vein Center!


After years of discomfort, swelling, and unsightly legs, I thought that it was time to do something about them.  The Vein Center was knowledgeable and caring from my first consult thru the laser ablation and sclerotherapy procedure.  During the one year follow-up we compared the before photos and what a difference!  It is truly amazing the results and with no down time.  I am out walking daily and enjoy wearing shorts and skirts again.  There is no more reason to hide my legs and they feel great.


I am here to tell my story about my veins.  I went to The Vein Center which ended up being the best thing I could have ever done.  They walked me thru the whole process so I didn’t need to be nervous.  They told me what was going to happen and it was very comfortable.  It is amazing that I could have this done and go back to work the next day.  No problems, no down time, and it is amazing to see my before pictures and now look at my legs today… I can’t believe it; I can’t believe those are my legs!   The Vein Center is wonderful!  They have the best bunch of gals over there, I have recommended The Vein Center to all of my friends!


About 23-24 years ago I got a rash on my right leg and I made a trip to The Vein Center.  They have some super technologists that worked with me before the doctors even came in.  I am so fortunate to be 60 miles from these gals and if anything comes back or starts up again I can be down there quick.  Those 3 doctors did a marvelous job for me.  They cured me after 25 years of scratching and itching, I was itch free.  And do I talk about it?  Yes.  I tell everyone that wants to listen and I just say it is such an easy procedure.  I love the place, love to go back.  Am I thrilled?  Yes.  And I would highly recommend checking The Vein Center out for any kind of problem with your legs.


Three pregnancies, weight gains, and constantly being on my feet gave me huge varicose veins.  Prior to my procedure at The Vein Center, I have had four surgeries; they were not at The Vein Center.  They were very painful and they didn’t take care of the problem.   Three years ago I read about The Vein Center and I thought I am going to try them.   They were very helpful, very optimistic, and felt that with the laser procedure they could help me.  And they did!  I was able to resume all my normal actives immediately.  I cannot tell you how comfortable the whole process was, the staff was so caring, and it was a wonderful experience!  I would recommend The Vein Center to anybody!